Octet Collaborative



Octet Collaborative

Nathan Barzi


106 Prospect Street   Cambridge, MA 02139


Massachusetts Institute of Technology


The mission of Octet Collaborative is to equip faculty and administrators at MIT to promote human flourishing. We seek to integrate their work as scholars with their lives as human beings by drawing on the resources of the Christian tradition for holistice formation.


Our vision is for a community of scholars at MIT equipped to address the deeply human aspects integral to their sophisticated and technical work. The center promotes whole-life formation for faculty and administrators at MIT, because excellent and ethical scholarship depends not only on what is being studied but on how faculty and staff live out their vocation. Our goal is to serve scholars by bringing the resources of the Christian tradition directly into their work: pursuing patterns of community, education and mentorship, and fostering open and cross-disciplinary dialogue and scholarship in service to the challenges of the modern world. The role of the center is to facilitate the integration of the work and lives of MIT scholars, who will themselves play the central role in our mission.



                          Our vi

Students 11,520
Academic Staff 1067
Total 12,587

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