Board of Directors

The geographical distribution of our Board of Directors demonstrates the variety found in Christian Study Centers at universities around the United States. Our Directors come from all walks of life, personifying first study center involvement, but also widely representing the Church, the parachurch and the university.

Daniel Bates

Board Member

Portland, OR



Missy DeRegibus

Vice Chair

Farmville, VA



David Hobbet

Board Member

Cambridge, MA



Junius Johnson

Board Member

Waco, TX



Karl Johnson


Ithaca, NY



Laura Lynch

Board Member

Gainesville, FL



Mollie Moore

Board Member

Washington, DC



John M. Owen, IV

Board Member

Charlottesville, VA



Madison Perry

Board Member

Durham, NC



Andrew H. Trotter, Jr.

Executive Director

Charlottesville, VA



Andrew H. Trotter, III

Board Member

Atlanta, GA