One of the things I observed during my time as a student at the Oread Center was the staff really wants to see students live in all of their realms to glorify God. They want to see students flourish spiritually and instill a deep love for the local church that points us towards the Lord. They want to see students thrive as intellectual beings in their studies at the University. They want to see students succeed in the physical world through their future occupation. 

“It was through activities like long talks on the porch swing about a recent OC program or blossoming friendships over books on the lawn at the Oread Center that I came to a greater understanding of how studies at the University are inherently good and glorifying to God, and not merely a means to graduation and a job. This shift in my thinking gave my extroverted, busy, active self a much greater love for studying and learning. Through these friendly dialogues, my love for the God of the universe grew. I began to understand that all our labor in life (from paid positions to volunteer service) can be glorifying to God as we live in His design for us– to cultivate the earth with our labors.  I also realized that my love for the justice-seeking humanities and my passion for understanding humans holistically in psychology reflect the Lord of the universe.” –Alyssa Rudman, University of Kansas


“Before arriving at Yale to pursue an MBA, I was encouraged to get plugged into the Rivendell Institute as a source of community, mentorship, and support through what would become the busiest two years of my life. Now graduating, I look back on my time with Rivendell – highlighted by the Spiritual Leadership Group David led and the Student Fellows program. These men and women have provided a shoulder to cry on, a challenging voice in moments of weakness, a guiding force on how the gospel might shape a business career, a pursuit of Christ with the utmost intellectual rigor, and a friend ready with a tea kettle, a fire, and an open couch.–Patrick Briaud, Yale Univesity


“I came to the Study Center, like so many undergraduates, to work on papers between classes or to finish Greek translation homework. Over time, however, the Center for Christian Study proved not only to be supportive of my career as a student, but also of my vocation as a teacher and as a scholar.

“Over the past two years, I’ve had the opportunity as a Ph.D. student to teach a number of courses…from a survey of the Hebrew Bible, to a seminar on the theological impulses within the Civil Rights Movement. While I was able to move through the Study Center fairly anonymously during my first months, I now find myself surrounded by the familiar faces of present and former students whenever I walk through the door. Brief coffee breaks become hour-long conversations in the kitchen that take up where previous semesters left off. Some of the best moments of my teaching career to date have taken place in the course of these chance encounters while serving food for Rush Hospitality, or at night, after one of the Study Center’s many distinguished lectures.” –Ashleigh Elser, University of Virginia