The Consortium of Christian Study Centers would like to foster greater awareness of its member organizations’ offerings, promote attendance at our own annual meetings and let people know the travel schedule of our Executive Director so we have created three pages to call attention to these.

The “Annual Meetings” page will keep members up-to-date on dates, times, locations, speakers, workshops, and other information for the various events we may have each year. Two events are being planned for members at present, an Annual Meeting sandwiched between the meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society and the SBL/AAR Annual Meeting every November and an invitation-only event with a scholar, cultural critic, or societal leader planned for the late spring. Look to this page for information on these and other meetings sponsored by the Consortium of Christian Study Centers.

The “Events at Member Organizations” page will tell just that: public events of which our office becomes aware will be promoted on our calendar with links to the sponsoring Organization’s website for further information. A quick visit here, though, will let you know everything from dates and locales of who is speaking where to information about concerts or art shows to national conferences sponsored by our members. This page should prove a useful source for study center and partnering organization personnel for their own programming as they see what is happening in other places.

The “Executive Director’s Travel Schedule” also is self-evident. Attention to this page will let you know where Dr. Trotter will be when so that you can either attend events at which he is speaking or contact him to see if he can visit your venue, while he is in your region.