Church & Society Symposium

May 3 & 4, 2012

This Symposium on the Church & Society featured Dr. Amy Sherman, a senior fellow at the Sagamore Institute for Policy Research, and her recent book Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good. One of the Consortium’s goals is to provide opportunities for member staff and board members to gather together with premier scholars who can sharpen our minds in close conversation over a work of note, which they have produced. Dr. Sherman directs the Center on Faith in Communities where she provides training and consulting to churches and nonprofits seeking to transform their communities for the common good. Her vested interest and skill in this direction will serve study centers well as we seek these transformations at our own universities.

This Symposium took place on May 3 & 4, 2012 in Charlottesville, VA. The Consortium paid all meals, lodging, honoraria and other expenses; participants incured only travel expenses to and from the Symposium. Each Study Center whose application for the Symposium was approved received one copy of Kingdom Calling: Vocational Stewardship for the Common Good.

The entire Symposium took place at the Omni Hotel on the Historic Downtown Mall of Charlottesville, VA. The Symposium began with lunch on Thursday, May 3 and concluded with lunch on Friday, May 4. We had extensive guided discussions with Dr. Sherman and ample time for informal conversation with other Study Center personnel.