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If you are a member Study Center and have upcoming events you would like on this page, send information to [email protected]

Dear Friends of CCSC,

The following is our attempt to meet a need that has surfaced among Consortium members and partners for clearer and better news about what is happening at our Member Study Centers, our Partner Organizations, and the Consortium itself. We intend our “CCSC News & Events” email, which appears monthly, usually during the first week of the month, to highlight several things.

First, we want to focus on events at our member or partner institutions that will occur during the month, or registrations for events occurring perhaps several months away, but needing some advance notice. We can’t of course include everything that is happening during any given month (you are doing way too much for that!), but we do hope to focus on special items of interest that you, as a Study Center Program Director or a Partner Organization liaison, would want to know about. Please send us items from your organization you think we should include, though we can’t promise to include everything since we don’t want this email to be too long. Our “Events at Member & Partner Organizations” page on our website is intended to be the comprehensive place for such items, and there will always be a link to this page at the end of the CCSC News & Events email so you can dig a little deeper, if you would like.

Second, we want to tell you about news items from our members or partners that we think will be of interest to you. For instance, one item might be a college Partner Organization announcing that they are seeking applicants for teaching posts at the college, information we believe to be vitally important for those Study Centers working with grad students who are seeking employment. This kind of entry helps the Partner Organization disseminate information about their programs and needs, while also helping the Study Center find out information that will help it in its tasks.

Thirdly, we want to let you know what we are planning and implementing from the Consortium offices, too. We have some exciting announcements, and in the email we will be following up those announcements with updates throughout the year.

We hope this page and the CCSC News & Events email will encourage you with the good work being done throughout the study center movement.

The list below are Member Study Centers represented by the blue university icon and Partner Organizations represented by the red pin icon.



   Acton Institute, Michigan


   American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC


The Values & Capitalism Young Scholar Awards Program seeks to foster high-quality academic research and exposition by awarding $5,000 scholarships to up to six undergraduates. Students are awarded scholarships for demonstrating significant promise in their field of research and a commitment to AEI’s mission of expanding liberty, increasing individual opportunity, and strengthening free enterprise.

Young Scholars will receive:

    • A $5,000 scholarship toward college tuition
    • An invitation to V&C’s 2019 Fall Summit and AEI’s 2020 Annual Dinner (expenses paid)
    • Placement of an op-ed-length version of their project in an online AEI publication
    • Printed publication of their research in a compilation with the other Young Scholar’s projects


Faculty sponsors will receive:

    • A $2,500 stipend, to be received after the project’s completion
    • An invitation to student’s project defense presentation and AEI’s 2020 Annual Dinner, in Washington, DC (expenses paid)


Application deadline: June 30, 2019 by 6:00 pm

Questions? Email: [email protected]

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   Arts & Entertainment Ministries, California


  Anselm House, Minnesota

Faith and Healthcare Conversation Group


Anselm House, in partnership Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA) and Catholic Medical Association (CMA), will be hosting a series of Faith and Healthcare Conversations—exploring questions related to the health sciences, theology, ethics, and Christian vocation.

This semester, we will focus especially on issues related to “Healthcare and Society.”

  • Thur, 9/26   (12:15-1:15 pm) Mayo D-325 Justice & Access to Healthcare*
  • Thur, 10/10 (12:15-1:15 pm) Moos 2-520 Pharmacology and the Opioid Epidemic
  • Thur, 10/24 (12:15-1:15 pm) Mayo D-325 Respect for Nascent Life (with Dr. Steve Calvin, The Minnesota Birth Center)*
  • Thur, 11/7   (12:15-1:15 pm) Mayo D-325 Disability, Dependence, and Health (with Dr. Elizabeth Haglind)
  • Thur, 11/21 (12:15-1:15 pm) Moos 5-125 Aging and Life-extension (with Dr. Elizabeth Haglind)
  • Thur, 12/5   (12:15-1:15 pm) Mayo D-325 Sex, Gender, and Healthcare*


*Lunch (Afro Deli) will be provided on these three dates.

Meetings will be held on campus every other Thursday, beginning on September 26. Meeting locations are subject to change, so please register below and/or contact Travis Pickell at [email protected] or 757-650-3158. A short reading will be distributed one week before each meeting–if you are unable to complete the reading, please come anyway!

Faith & Healthcare Conversations will be facilitated by Anselm House staff Travis Pickell (PhD, MDiv) and Kyle Hamilton (MTS), with Dr. Elizabeth Haglind (Endocrinologist) and occasional guests (UMN faculty or local healthcare practitioners).


  Arizona Center for Christian StudiesArizona


   Basileia Hong Kong, Canada


  The Biblical Studies Center, Idaho


  Bonhoeffer House – Theological Horizons, Virginia


Bradley Study Center, Virginia


September 26 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Bradley Study Center


What does it mean to be a person?  Are we on the verge of conquering death?   What resources can the Christian faith offer to these questions? This talk will explore the changing relationship between humans and technology as we rapidly move toward developing machines that look and act like humans.

Talk by Dr Dianne Martin retired Professor of Computer Science at George Washington University, with a response by Dr Sylvester Johnson, Director of the Center for Humanities at Virginia Tech.  Q&A to follow.

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   Brazos Fellows, Texas


Prepare for the next step. 

Form habits for a lifetime.


Brazos Fellows invites college graduates to Waco, TX for nine months of theological study, vocational discernment, spiritual disciplines, and life together. Spots remain open for both men and women for the 2019-2020 cohort. We are now accepting applications on a rolling basis throughout the spring and summer until all positions are filled. For more information, visit


  Cambridge Roundtable, Massachusetts


  Center for Christian Study, Virginia


Center for Christianity & Scholarship, North Carolina



C.S. Lewis On Stage

Thursday,October 10

7:00 pm

Reynolds Theater

Using C.S. Lewis’ own words, award-winning actor Max McLean brings the brilliant Oxford don to life, taking us on his extraordinary journey from atheist to “the most reluctant convert in all of England”… only to become the most influential Christian writer of the 20th century.

The performance is followed by a post-show discussion with Max McLean.

Ticket Information:

Duke students can buy tickets online for $5. Tickets for the general public will be available on September 17 at 12pm. Visit the website here for more information.

Center for Integrity in Business, Washington


   Center for Public Justice, Washington, DC


Center for Transformational Churches, Illinois


Chesterton House, New York


Thomistic Perspectives “Understanding Consciousness” Series



October 22 at 7:00 pm8:00 pm


120 Physical Science Building


Dr. Mark Barker

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  Christian Study Center of Champaign-Urbana, Illinois


  Christian Study Center of Gainesville, Florida


   Christian Studies Program at Univ. of North Texas, Texas




  Comenius Institute, Indiana


  C.S. Lewis Study Center, Massachusetts


   The Davenant Institute, Idaho


   Evangelical Theological Society, California


   The Fellows Initiative, Virginia


   The FOCUS Group, Florida


  Geneva Campus Ministry, Iowa


   Global Scholars, Kansas


   Gordon College, Massachusetts


CCSC students receive special 

Graduate Assistantship


Gordon College’s STEM-designated master’s in finance program is a better, faster, more affordable alternative to an MBA. This 12-month degree is not just for business, math, or economics majors — it’s also great for those looking to transition into finance from a liberal arts background!

We’ve earmarked a Grad Assistant position — which reduces tuition by two-thirds — for a CCSC student.  New cohorts starting in both summer and autumn.


   The Hendricks Center, Texas




Moeser Auditorium (Hill Hall)145 East Cameron AvenueChapel Hill

2019 Wilberforce Conference: Generous Lives

The Wilberforce Conference is an annual gathering of the extended Carolina Christian community and a celebration of the Gospel’s impact on all areas of life. This year’s conference theme is generosity: what is it? What inspires it? How does generosity manifest itself in all different areas of life?

This year’s Keynote Speaker is J. Frank Harrison III, a UNC alumnus and the current CEO of Coca-Cola Bottling Company Consolidated.




   Opus: The Art of Work, Illinois


  Oread Center, Kansas


   Regent College, Canada


  Richmond Center for Christian Study, Virginia


  Rivendell Institute, Connecticut”  


  Saint Thomas Mission, Canada


   Salzburg Institute, Massachusetts


  Schole’ House, Virginia


   Trinity Education, Nevada


   The Trinity Forum, Virginia


   Theological Education Initiative, Missouri


  Upper House, Wisconsin


   Veritas Forum, Massachusetts


  Via Christian Study Center, Virginia


   Wilberforce Academy, Minnesota



Look 2020: Unleash Leadership For The Nations

Wilberforce Academy Global Summit 2019


October 17-20, 2019
(Minneapolis-St Paul area)


The 2019 Wilberforce Academy Global Summitaims to explore what it means for redemptive change agents to become the kinds of leaders who will help others find that the path to Jesus Christ is the path to liberation and human flourishing. “For all creation waits with eager anticipation for the sons of God to be revealed” (Romans 8:19).

    • What are the internal and external challenges to leadership in your society?
    • What traps leaders and what releases them?
    • How does Jesus’ model of leadership development inform us?
    • What does redemptive leadership look like in different sectors?