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Dear Friends of CCSC,

The following is our attempt to meet a need that has surfaced among Consortium members and partners for clearer and better news about what is happening at our Member Study Centers, our Partner Organizations, and the Consortium itself. We intend our “CCSC News & Events” email, which appears monthly, usually during the first week of the month, to highlight several things.

First, we want to focus on events at our member or partner institutions that will occur during the month, or registrations for events occurring perhaps several months away, but needing some advance notice. We can’t of course include everything that is happening during any given month (you are doing way too much for that!), but we do hope to focus on special items of interest that you, as a Study Center Program Director or a Partner Organization liaison, would want to know about. Please send us items from your organization you think we should include, though we can’t promise to include everything since we don’t want this email to be too long. Our “Events at Member & Partner Organizations” page on our website is intended to be the comprehensive place for such items, and there will always be a link to this page at the end of the CCSC News & Events email so you can dig a little deeper, if you would like.

Second, we want to tell you about news items from our members or partners that we think will be of interest to you. For instance, one item might be a college Partner Organization announcing that they are seeking applicants for teaching posts at the college, information we believe to be vitally important for those Study Centers working with grad students who are seeking employment. This kind of entry helps the Partner Organization disseminate information about their programs and needs, while also helping the Study Center find out information that will help it in its tasks.

Thirdly, we want to let you know what we are planning and implementing from the Consortium offices, too. We have some exciting announcements, and in the email we will be following up those announcements with updates throughout the year.

We hope this page and the CCSC News & Events email will encourage you with the good work being done throughout the study center movement.

Acton Institute, Michigan


American Enterprise Institute, Washington, DC


Arts & Entertainment Ministries, California


Anselm House, Minnesota


Arizona Center for Christian StudiesArizona

Veritas Forum at ASU

Date: March 21, 2019
Time: 7:30 pm  to  9:00 pm
ASU Neeb Hall, 920 S. Forest Mall, Tempe
The 2019 Veritas Forum at ASU will feature Howard University Professors Georgia Dunston (National Human Genome Center) and Philip Kurian (Quantum Biology Laboratory) speaking on “Learning the Sacred Language of Life, Light, and Liberation: The Legacy of the Human Genome Project, The Promise of Quantum Biology.” For more information, please see and

Basileia Hong Kong, Canada


The Baton Exchange, Ohio


The Biblical Studies Center, Idaho


Bonhoeffer House – Theological Horizons, Virginia


Bradley Study Center, Virginia


Brazos Fellows, Texas


Cambridge Roundtable, Massachusetts


Center for Christian Study, Virginia


Center for Christianity & Scholarship, North Carolina


Being Human in the Modern World:

Why Personalism Matters for Education and Culture

February 27 at 5pm

Ahmadieh Family Conference Room, West Duke Building, Rm 101

Philosophical anthropology—the basic science of who we are as humans—is crucial bridge the divide between the social sciences with philosophy and theology that characterizes most modern universities. In this talk, Margarita Mooney will discuss how studying personalist philosophy led her to adopt a narrative approach to the study of the human person in her research on suffering and resilience. Making education person-centered also requires understanding our total humanity. Dr. Mooney will share how she helped students integrate what they learn in the classroom to the big and small daily practices that make up a fulfilling human life. Find out more

Center for Integrity in Business, Washington


Center for Transformational Churches, Illinois


Chesterton House, New York

Can Truth & Tolerance Coexist?

Friday, March 22 at 7:00 pm

Cornell University


Join us for a Veritas Forum dialogue between Dr. Miroslav Volf and Dr. Vijay Pendakur discussing truth, tolerance, and safe spaces. The Veritas Forum invites students and faculty to ask life’s hardest questions. With a commitment to courageous discourse we put the historic Christian faith in dialogue with other beliefs and invite participants from all backgrounds to pursue Truth together. Find out more


Christian Studies Program at the University of North Texas, Texas




C.S. Lewis and Freedom: Christianity’s Most Famous Apologist Meets Adam Smith

Bortz Library; February 25 @ 7:00 
Hampden-Sydney College

Cogito at HSC is pleased to host Dr. Ken Elzinga, the Robert C. Taylor Professor of Economics at the University of Virginia, to speak on the topic of Christianity and freedom. Elzinga proposes two contentions: the first that the philosophy of C. S. Lewis, who is believed by many to be the premier Christian apologist of the 20th century, fits comfortably within what Adam Smith called the “obvious and simple system of natural liberty” and that the practice of Christianity by followers of Jesus poses no threat to individual freedom. Secondly, Elzinga proposes that as one digs into Lewis’s writings, drilling down to their very foundation in the life and teachings of Jesus, one continues to find a theology that squares with Adam Smith’s “obvious and simple system of natural liberty.”


C.S. Lewis Study Center, Massachusetts


The Davenant Trust, Idaho



Join us at the Montreat Conference Center in the beautiful mountains of western NC right after Memorial Day for three days of rich conversation, fellowship, friendship, and learning. Our plenary speaker will be Brian Dijkema, Program Director of Work and Economics at Cardus. This year’s Convivium (in both its East and West iterations) will focus on the theme of justice. Justice is at the center of the biblical vision of human flourishing and obedience to God, yet today many confessional Protestants are leery of the term, seeing it as a Trojan horse under which liberal social and ethical agendas will be smuggled into the church, and individual freedoms relinquished to an all-powerful central state. But this is shortsighted. The Protestant tradition has a great deal to say about the nature of justice that is intensely relevant for today’s challenges, offering a vision of human dominion in community which defies the shibboleths of both Left and Right. Find out more

Conference proceedings will run from 9:00 AM Wed 5/29 till 12:00 PM Fri 5/31, but you can arrive Tuesday evening for a pre-conference cookout and fellowship.

Evangelical Theological Society, California


The Fellows Initiative, Virginia


The FOCUS Group, Florida


Geneva Campus Ministry, Iowa


Global Scholars, Kansas


Gordon College, Massachusetts


The Hendricks Center, Texas



MARCH 26, 2019  |  9:00 AM – 2:30 PM


There was a time when pastors routinely visited parishioners at home and also at their farms, stores, shops, and workbenches. But in today’s economy, when does a pastor even ask, “Can I stop by your cubicle?”

However it’s happened, all the research shows that while most churches provide plenty of resources for family life, they undervalue the importance of the workspace, both as a primary context for discipleship and as a catalyst for the church’s mission. Can we afford to ignore such a strategic setting—where Christians spend the majority of their productive hours, and also engage people who desperately need the light of the gospel?

Join the Hendricks Center and experienced ministry leaders  for Equipped: Ministry that Works. Understand how equipping believers for the workplace—in addition to the home and the church—produces a robust model of discipleship that transforms lives and ministry. We’re honored to welcome Tim Keller and Tom Nelson as our keynote speaker. Find out more and register


Hill House, Texas


The Humanitas Forum on Christianity and Culture, Tennessee


InterVarsity Graduate & Faculty Ministries, Wisconsin


Ithaka Fellowship, Inc., Illinois


Joseph & Alice McKeen Study Center, Maine


Mere Christianity Forum, South Carolina


New College Berkeley, California


North Carolina Study Center, Chapel Hill


Opus: The Art of Work, Illinois


Oread Center, Kansas


Regent College, Canada


Richmond Center for Christian Study, Virginia


Rivendell Institute, Connecticut


Salzburg Institute, Massachusetts


Schole’ House, Virginia


The Trinity Forum, Virginia


Theological Education Initiative, Missouri


Trinity Education, Nevada


Veritas Forum, Massachusetts


Wilberforce Academy, Minnesota