Member Study Centers

The following list contains the name, mailing address and Executive Director contact information of each member Study Center of the Consortium. You can click on the name of a Center to be directed to an existing webpage for it.

Alcuin Study Center

Ball State University


Anselm House

University of Minnesota


Arizona Center for Christian Studies

Arizona State University


Augustine Center

Georgetown University


Biblical Studies Center

Boise State University


Bradley Study Center

Virginia Tech


Center for Christian Study

University of Virginia


Center for Christianity and Scholarship

Duke University


Chesterton House

Cornell University


Christian Study Center of Champaign-Urbana

University of Illinois


Christian Study Center of Chattanooga

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga


Christian Study Center of Gainesville

University of Florida 



Hampden-Sydney College


Comenius Institute

Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis


C.S. Lewis Study Center

Five Colleges of Massachusetts


Eleazar Wheelock Society

Dartmouth College


Geneva Campus Ministry

The University of Iowa


Hill House

University of Texas


Humanitas Forum on Christianity & Culture

Tennessee Technological University


Joseph & Alice McKeen Study Center

        Bowdoin College 


Mere Christianity Forum

Furman College


New College Berkeley

University of California


North Carolina Study Center

        University of North Carolina


The Octet Collaborative

 Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Oread Center

University of Kansas


Richmond Center for Christian Study

University of Richmond


Rivendell Institute

Yale University


Saint Thomas Mission

University of British Columbia


Scholé House

Virginia Commonwealth University


Theological Horizons

University of Virginia


Trinity Fellowship

Indiana University



University of Wisconsin 


Via Christian Study Center

Christopher Newport University