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Director: Daniel Daugherty

Contact:[email protected],  507-564-2133

Ball State University

3110 W. RiversideAvenue  Muncie, IN   47304

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Alcuin Study Center exists to help students cultivate the fully human life.

ASC offers the space and resources for students from any background to discover and explore the ligaments that hold every aspect of life together—faith & reason, body & mind, science & poetry, work & play, laughter & sorrow, church & the academy, God & man, Christ & culture—in hopes of awakening the imagination to what T. S. Eliot called The Permanent Things—Truth, Beauty, and Goodness—thereby cultivating the flourishing of every human being, each one of which bears the image of God.

The types of programs that Alcuin offers include seminars, short classes, book discussions, panel discussions, and culture-making workshops. The content of these courses includes Christian worldview, Biblical exegesis, cultural analysis, philosophy, theology, history/Church history, the arts, film, politics-really all of life-as seen through the lens of Christianity as reality, not simply religion. Hans Rookmaker’s famous saying is a throughline for ASC: “Jesus didn’t come to make us Christian. He came to make us fully human.”


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