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Executive Director: Mike Weaver

P.O. Box 11601 Blacksburg, VA 24062

Contact: [email protected],  540-315-7121

Bradley Study Center
a Christian Study Center at VT

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The Bradley Study Center exists to cultivate a thoughtful exploration of the Christian faith at Virginia Tech.  Focusing on students, faculty, administrators and alumni, the Center seeks to explore how faith, learning, and calling relate to one another in advancing the common good for all.  Believing that the Christian intellectual tradition can contribute a vibrant voice to the academic life of a public university, the Bradley Study Center offers opportunities to:

  • engage students and faculty in the rich intellectual traditions of the Christian faith – connecting it meaningfully to their studies, work and lives;
  • encourage and support Christian faculty and students in their academic pursuits and their current and future vocations; and
  • promote the pursuit of knowledge and truth on the important questions of life in an environment of open and civil academic dialogue.


“When American universities became officially secular, a century ago, the problem of defining the human was not foreseen…If the point of the secular university was to eliminate the religious dimension, it will eventually find that it has eliminated the human distinction as well, and be unable to make sense of any of its intellectual or professional disciplines.”
C. John Sommerville, The Decline of the Secular University, 2006.

Virginia Tech Figures

Students  31,087
Faculty  1,371
Total  32,458