Christian Study Center of Chattanooga


Executive Director: Rev. David N. Beckmann

Contact: [email protected], 423-800-9996

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga

c/o The Newman Center

514 Palmetto Street  Chattanooga, TN 37403

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A place where the love of learning flourishes in Christian hearts


The Christian Study Center of Chattanooga is an independent educational institution which seeks to engage in a shared exploration of knowledge and understanding with our local university for the common good of our community. We believe that the Christian faith, with its Judaic and Classical roots, contributes a vibrant and beneficial perspective to every field of study, as it has proven so to do in the past.

Our ideals are based upon those of C. S. Lewis and his fellow “Inklings”:

  1. The role of the imagination in the Christian faith,
  2. An evangelical approach to the Holy Scriptures, informed by both Classical Philosophy and classic Christian Orthodoxy, i.e., “mere Christianity,” such as is represented in the Nicene Creed,
  3. An intelligent and intelligible Christian faith, which maintains rigorous scholarship along with compassion for others,
  4. Appreciation for the contribution that robust and friendly discussion with associates can have for the improvement of our vocations and labours,
  5. Dedication to the study of the Arts and Sciences and their applicability to our culture today, with appreciation and respect for the best of the Western Tradition, out of which they have grown, and
  6. A hunger for the Reality of the presence of God in our lives.