Rivendell Institute





Director: David Mahan

Contact: [email protected], 203-785-0164

Yale University

291 Edwards Street.   New Haven, CT   06511

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The mission of the Fellows and staff of the Rivendell Institute to change the modern university and contemporary culture by holding forth a Christian view of life at Yale focuses on three initiatives: Research, Spiritual Formation, and Public Witness. Our Research Fellows pursue the integration of Christian faith and scholarship, including work we do and work we promote. Our Spiritual Formation Fellows challenge students to inhabit their disciplines with the mind and mission of Christ. Our public witness involves efforts to engage students and faculty with a thoughtful, compelling demonstration of the significance of Christ to the issues and ideas of the age. Our efforts cultivate a faithful, strategic presence at Yale and seek to raise up a new generation of Christian leaders who will influence the campus and the world beyond Yale.

Yale Figures

Students 11,848
Faculty 3,953
Staff 9,183
Total 24,994