Sail Ventures

Director: Edward Dixon

Contact: [email protected]

1022 Amsterdam Ave NE   Atlanta, GA   30306

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cache_2895104604Sail Ventures seeks to engage students in a Christian worldview by using adventure experiences as a forum for intellectually rigorous dialogue in a safe and exciting context. We provide a range of teaching tracks and trip options, from weekend retreats on the Eastern Seaboard and Gulf Coast to an extended excursion in the world and history of ancient Greece. In the summer of 1999 Ed Dixon felt called to “work with students who struggle intellectually with faith in an adventure setting.” Twelve years and a number of sails in the Caribbean, Mediterranean, and on the eastern seaboard later, the exact words from the summer of 1999 still remain clear. Sail Ventures remains committed to the intersection of Christian thought, scholarly study, and the adventurous life.