The Biblical Studies Center





Executive Director: Bill Pubols

Contact: 208-342-2182, [email protected]

Boise State University

1025 Belmont St.   Boise, Idaho   83706

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With the informal slogan “Discipleship in Partnership,” the Biblical Studies Center is seeking the most effective, complementary relationship possible with other campus ministries. Accordingly, they are uniquely positioned to contribute in specific ways as an academic presence. They are focused on reaching and serving students at Boise State University with a building that is one block from the stadium. The Biblical Studies Center offers accredited Bible classes (through a partnership with Oklahoma Christian University), which are aligned with the Boise State University semester schedule. They host student lunches, and special lectures. They also offer a Christian Leadership class.

Boise State University Figures                

Students 22,259
Academic Staff 650
Total 22,909

Boise State University is a public university in Boise, Idaho that was founded in 1932 by the Episcopal Church. For years the university has undergone a vast expansion plan. The staff and faculty at BSU work to develop future leaders who are able to have unique cultural experiences. BSU, Idaho’s largest university, offers a variety of colleges as well as academic and athletic programs.