Membership and Dues – 2020


How do I join the Consortium of Christian Study Centers?


Membership in the Consortium of Christian Study Centers begins with the group wishing to join sending an application  to our office. After that application is surveyed to make sure it contains the appropriate information, it is sent to the members of the Membership Committee of the Board of Directors of the CCSC. After the application is acted upon, our office will communicate with the applicant and inform them if their application has been approved, denied, or tabled and the reasons for their decision. If approved, a letter will be attached to the email, welcoming the applicant and informing them of the dues necessary to activate membership.

The process is similar for potential Partner Organizations applying for that status with the CCSC. If you are interested in becoming a Member or a Partner with the Consortium of Christian Study Centers, you can download the application forms and supporting documents below:





How much does it cost to join the Consortium of Christian Study Centers?


Dues for membership/partnership in the CCSC are for the calendar year running from January 1 to December 31.  They are based on the income (all income, not just gifts) of the organization named on the 501(c)3 accreditation of the study center or partner organization for the most recent year in which a report has been submitted to the IRS.

For new members/partners:  Once the application is approved, your first year dues will be pro-rated according to the month your application is received.

For current members/partners:  Dues must be paid by the 31st of December, 2019 to renew your Study Center membership or Partner Organization status for 2020.  Payment any later than this date may incur a penalty of $50 per month.

Before paying your dues, please read over our Mission Statement and Goals and our Doctrinal Statement, both of which are found in the About menu tab of this website. This will ensure that you remain in accord with the vision and values of the Consortium of Christian Study Centers.  The dues for 2020 can be found in the schedule below.


Annual Income


1. Less than or equal to $250,000/yr.


2. Greater than $250,000 to $500,000/yr.


3. Greater than $500,000 to $1,000,000/yr.


4. Greater than $1,000,000/yr.



To pay by check, please make the check out to “Consortium of Christian Study Centers” and mail it to:

Consortium of Christian Study Centers

485 Hillsdale Drive, Suite 300

Charlottesville, Virginia 22901


To pay via PayPal use the button below.  Be sure to select the correct amount before clicking “Add to Cart” button according to the following schedule:

Membership Dues