Partner Organizations

Acton Institute

Grand Rapids, MI


AEI/Values & Capitalism

Washington, DC


Arts & Entertainment Ministries

Los Angeles, CA


Basileia Hong Kong

British Columbia, Canada


The Baton Exchange

Columbus, OH


Brazos Fellows

Waco, TX


Cambridge Roundtable on Science, Art & Religion

Pepperell, MA


Center for Public Justice

Washington, DC


Center for Transformational Churches

Deerfield, IL


Christian Studies Program at the University of North Texas

Denton, TX


C.S. Lewis Foundation

Northfield, MA


The Council for Colleges & Universities

Washington, DC


The Davenant Institute

Moscow, ID


Evangelical Theological Society

La Mirada CA


The Fellows Initiative

Arlington, VA


The FOCUS Group

St. Augustine, FL


Global Scholars

Olathe, KS


Gordon College

Wenham, MA


Hendricks Center

Dallas, TX


Humanitas Forum

Cookeville, TN


InterVaristy Graduate & Faculty Ministries

Madison, WI


Ithaka Fellowship

Gridley, IL


Opus: The Art of Work

Wheaton, IL


Regent College

Vancouver, Canada


Salzburg Institute of Religion, Culture and the Arts

North Andover, MA


Theological Education Initiative (TEI)

Columbia, MO


Trinity Education

Rosamond, CA


Trinity Forum

Washington, DC


Veritas Forum

Cambridge, MA


Wilberforce Academy

St. Paul, MN