Partner Organizations

Acton Institute

Grand Rapids, MI

Director of Program Outreach: Trey Dimsdale
[email protected]


AEI/Values & Capitalism

Washington, DC

Director: Tyler Castle
[email protected]


Arts & Entertainment Ministries

Los Angeles, CA

President: Joel Pelsue
[email protected]


Basileia Hong Kong

Cranbrook, BC Canada

Executive Director: Bob Jones

[email protected]


The Baton Exchange

      Columbus, OH

       Executive Director: John Scroggins

       [email protected] baton


Brazos Fellows

      Waco, TX

       Director: Paul Gutacker

       [email protected]


Cambridge Roundtable on Science, Art & Religion

       Cambridge, MA

        President: David Thom

        [email protected]


Center for Public Justice

       Washington, DC

        CEO: Stephanie Summers

        [email protected]


Center for Transformational Churches

Deerfield, IL

Executive Director: Donald Guthrie

[email protected]


Christian Studies Program at the University of North Texas

Denton, TX

Founder: George Yancey

[email protected]


C.S. Lewis Foundation

Redlands, CA

Interim Director of Northfield Study Center:  Mary Key

[email protected]


The Council for Colleges & Universities

Washington, D.C.

Vice President for Academic Affairs & Professional Programs: Rick Ostrander

[email protected]


The Davenant Institute

Moscow, ID

President: Brad Littlejohn

[email protected]


Evangelical Theological Society

La Mirada, CA

Executive Director: Michael Thigpen

[email protected], 888-883-3062


The Fellows Initiative

     Arlington, VA

      Executive Director: John Kyle

      [email protected], 703-463-6244


Global Scholars

Overland Park, KS

Academic Vice President: Liam Atchison

[email protected], 913-952-0756


Gordon College

Wenham, MA

Provost: Janel Curry

[email protected], 978-867-4206


Hendricks Center

Dallas, TX

Executive Director: Darrell Bock

[email protected], 214-887-5251


Humanitas Forum

Cookeville, TN

Executive Director: Michael Poore

[email protected], 931-239-8735


InterVaristy Graduate & Faculty Ministries

Madison, WI

Director: Bobby Gross

[email protected]


Ithaka Fellowship

Gridley, IL

Executive Director: Duane Otto

[email protected]


Opus: The Art of Work

Wheaton, IL

Director: Chris Armstrong

[email protected]


Regent College

Vancouver, BC

President: Jeffrey Greenman

[email protected]


Salzburg Institute of Religion, Culture and the Arts

North Andover, MA

Academic Director: Gregor Thuswaldner

[email protected]


Theological Education Initiative (TEI)

Columbia, MO

Executive Director: Rod Casey
[email protected]


Trinity Education

Rosamond, CA

Executive Director: Amanda Forbes

[email protected]


Trinity Forum

McLean, VA

President: Cherie Harder
[email protected], 202-944-9881


Veritas Forum

Cambridge, MA

Executive Director: David Hobbet
[email protected], 617-491-2055


Wilberforce Academy

St. Paul, MN

Executive Director: Bob Osburn
[email protected], 651-631-0981