Director: Artan Geca

Contact: [email protected], 377-4483-1262

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University of Prishtina

28 Nentori bll. 1/10 no. 6   Prishtina Kosovo 10000   Kosovo


areo3AREOPAG Center, sponsored by the Arizona Center for Christian Studies, is a registered NGO (non-governmental organization) with a mission to serve the university community in Prishtina, Kosovo, through academic resources and services. It is the first non-profit in Kosovo providing a library, reading room, and computer café for a university community. The center is located between the students’ campus dormitories and the Technical Faculty buildings of the University of Prishtina, three minutes walking distance. In March 2007 “Areopag,” which takes its name from Mars Hill (or Areopagus) in Acts 17:22, was opened. One of the chief encouragers of this work is Community Ministries International, the parent of the Arizona Center for Christian Studies, one of the Consortium’s most recent members. Since opening, Areopag has been visited by 700 students, professors, and professionals who came to study, relax, and spend time at their facilities. Their vision is to build future professionals who will shape their society on what their website calls “European and world” ideals, but their leadership is Christian, and they see their work as profoundly Christian.

The University of Prishtina is an Albanian-language higher education institution that emerged after the Kosovo War. Its campus is situated in Prishtina, Kosovo, serving as the major university in the area of Kosovo. From 1991 until after the liberation of the country in June 1999, the University worked and operated in the difficult conditions that beleaguered Kosovo in all sectors. Since the war, the university has grown in student population, quality of teaching and esteem.


University of Prishtina Figures:

Students 41,800