Trinity Education


Executive Director: Amanda J. Forbes


Henderson, NV

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The mission of Trinity Education is to provide opportunities for online learning, face-to-face mentoring, and hands-on community service – even in the most destitute parts of the world. Trinity helps students fulfill their God-given potential through a discipleship-driven higher education, ensuring that young people around the globe have access to quality education opportunities.

As a U.S.-based nonprofit, Trinity Education fulfills its mission by working with local partners – churches, schools, and nonprofits –  to help them start their own higher education program. Trinity supports these partners by identifying, curating, and developing high-quality online curriculum, as well as training facilitators to lead local Trinity programs. Their strategy is to empower these local leaders with the curriculum and administrative tools they need to successfully run a Trinity program in their own cultural context. They also provide administrative assistance to help these programs become financially sustainable through local tuition so that they aren’t dependent on outside resources for growth.