Center for Transformational Churches


Executive Director: Donald Guthrie

2065 Half Day Road, Village of Bannockburn

Deerfield, IL 60015

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The Center for Transformational Churches was established to develop Christian leaders who empower gospel change through whole-life discipleship through a generous grant from the Kern Family Foundation. In a long-running partnership with Kern, Trinity has led initiatives over the years to help pastoral leaders engage their congregations with an integrated understanding of faith, work, and economics. The Center exists to serve as a resource both to church members and church leaders to help pastors and other church leaders better understand the vital connection between faith, work, and economics with their congregations. The Center also serves as the new home of the Oikonomia Network, an evangelical seminary learning community that equips pastors to connect work and the economy to biblical wisdom, sound theology, daily discipleship, and good stewardship.