InterVarsity Graduate & Faculty Ministries


Director: Bobby Gross

Contact: [email protected]

6400 Schroeder Road, PO Box 7895, Madison, WI   53707

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Graduate & Faculty Ministries (GFM) is InterVarsity’s network of fellowships and ministry among graduate and professional-school students and university and college faculty all around the United States. The heart of their ministry is in their campus fellowships — witnessing communities of students and faculty who make Christ known within the academic and professional worlds. Campus fellowships provide opportunities for students and faculty to gather in large and small groups for Bible study, prayer, discussion, and learning. Individual spiritual formation occurs as members share ideas, nurture their passions, and submit their thoughts and lives to God’s Word. Experienced InterVarsity staff connect the local ministry to national resources and offer pastoral care and spiritual direction amidst the rigors of academic and professional development.