Society of Biblical Literature

Executive Director: John Kutsko

Contact: [email protected]

825 Houston Mill Road, Atlanta, GA 30329

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{b21b3b6e-c9a2-db11-a735-000c2903e717}The Society of Biblical Literature has at its main goal to foster biblical scholarship. SBL was founded in 1880 and is the oldest and largest learned society devoted to the critical investigation of the Bible from a variety of academic disciplines. As an international organization, the Society offers its members opportunities for mutual support, intellectual growth, and professional development through advancing academic study of biblical texts and their contexts as well as of the traditions and contexts of biblical interpretation; collaborating with educational institutions and other appropriate organizations to support biblical scholarship and teaching; developing resources for diverse audiences, including students, religious communities, and the general public; facilitating broad and open discussion from a variety of critical perspectives; organizing congresses for scholarly exchange; publishing biblical scholarship; and promoting cooperation across global boundaries.