Wilberforce Academy



Executive Director: Bob Osburn

Contact: [email protected], 651-631-0981

P.O. Box 130551, St. Paul, MN  55113

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The Wilberforce Academy was officially founded in February 2009 and launched in April 2009 by Dr. Robert Osburn. The Academy attempts to answer the question: “How can the best and brightest amongst us, especially those from foreign countries who study in North America, be empowered to bring the redemptive, healing influence of the gospel of Jesus Christ to bear on the deepest problems facing their home societies?” The mission of the Wilberforce Academy is to train college-age students to be redemptive change agents in their home societies. As these students graciously bring the truth of a Christian worldview to bear on the deepest needs of their societies, they will foster human flourishing in their societies as well as serve God as He builds His kingdom in their midst.