For a long time, people have asked me where I post my movie reviews, random thoughts, talks I’ve given, etc. And for a long time, I pointed them to places like the bi-monthly Resources email we do for our Consortium email list or, when I was at the Center for Christian Study in Charlottesville, to the newsletter we published quarterly, then called PRAXIS. And for a long time, their response was, “Oh.”

I was asked just yesterday what the last movie I had reviewed was, and I answered Ex Machina. I have done so much thinking about this film, and have discussed it so much with friends and family, that I literally thought I had reviewed it somewhere, but discovered very soon I hadn’t, mainly because I don’t have any outlet for putting out thoughts about things in that short period of time between experiencing them, discussing them and then, …what? It was time to do something. This blog is it.

I have no idea how often, or how thoroughly I will use this space to discuss movies, books, articles, sermons, lectures, TV shows, podcasts or any of the other plethora of thought-sources I encounter during the week, but I hope to do it frequently enough and with enough heft to be of help to some of those folks. I expect to do mostly short pieces, stimulating theological thinking about our world and its amazing assortment of ideas, both terrible (in every sense of the word) and elegant (in every sense of that word, too).

The space and format are far too limited to do thorough analysis of course. I expect these to be mostly ramblings pretty much off the top of my head, though no good writer would really do that, I think. So I promise relatively coherent, relatively thought-through pieces, just short ones. Perhaps some of the postings here will develop into longer ones.

Some of that will depend on you and whether I’ve written anything interesting enough to be contested by you. I hope you will do just that.

Drew Trotter

May 22, 2015

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