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Pitch Perfect 2

In my last post I praised a movie that has been little seen, but is a superb example of how to do teen comedy, a movie called Me and Earl and the Dying Girl. It was superb in every way (except the horrible, though accurate, title). See it if you can.

I suppose it is appropriate that the next movie I mention is its polar opposite. Pitch Perfect 2 does have the expected fine musical performances by the different groups represented. One can’t help but be in awe of the choreography, singing and inventiveness of these groups as they pound our senses with acrobatic dancing, incredible harmonizing and perfect timing in every sense.

But that’s it. Another raunch comedy that gets a PG-13 rating simply because it exists in a culture which accepts that language is so meaningless and impotent only one certain word (beginning with “f” and ending with “k”, in case you didn’t know) has the power to require its censorship whenever it occurs, this filthy, pathetic, stale excuse for a movie demeans everyone in it, including its director, star and chief promoter, Elizabeth Banks. Banks, a smart, accomplished woman who also happens to have knock-out looks, seems bent on proving that she is what she is, and doing so by pushing the envelope on how offensive she can make her material.

It really saddens me to think about what PP2 could have been, and what it is. All the actresses who make up the cast have ability, but the material they are given here is so clunky, gross, and clichéd that one hurts for them having to deliver it. The first movie in this series, while bad, was not nearly so dependent on its raunch humor. One wondered where the relationships were going, how the Barden Bellas were going to be redeemed, etc. In this movie there is none of that suspense, even in the tiniest of senses.

Filled with gross, we-girls-can-be-as-filthy-as-you-boys, language, stunts and innuendo, Pitch Perfect 2 has nothing to commend it other than the music.

Drew Trotter

June 5, 2015

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