The What and Why of “Books of Note”

We hope you like our “Books of Note” page. Like the descriptions on our other “of Note” pages, our introduction here is not intended to be a full review, but rather a brief introduction of a book worth reading. With this periodic feature we intend to enter into a conversation about books that are being read and discussed both in the academy and in the society at large. We hope these will be books of benefit to the person who wants to understand our world and how its ideas, events, and people find their place in the story of the Christian faith. If this sounds like a broad agenda, it is meant to be. Many of the books will deal with the university and higher education in general, but many will not.

There is a reason for that. Those who are connected to the university are also connected to the broader society, and what is taught and done at the university has implications for life in the broader society. We are at all times the same human beings with the same influences, whether for the moment we are in the restaurant, the office, the public park, or the classroom. We feel it is important, therefore, not to limit our investigations simply to those books that increase our knowledge of knowledge and its creation and dissemination, but to include books that might be about anything relevant to life as it is being lived in our world today.

We welcome suggestions of books we should post and comment upon. There are no ostensible limits to what we will post except these: 1) we will post the relevant bibliographic information and comment upon only one book each time we post; 2) we will strive to discuss books, which are well written; 3) we will strive to discuss books, which we deem to help us become better individuals and better members of society; 4) while we will generally discuss single-theme, non-fiction, books in prose, we will occasionally discuss novels, collections of essays, and books of poetry; 5) these books will by no means be limited to recent writings since many of the “old books” are the best.