The What and Why of our ‘Media Resources of Note’

Welcome to our “Media Resources” page. Unlike our other “Of Note” pages, this page will consist of our own lectures and blogs, as well as perhaps some other materials (mostly lectures), not covered by the other “Of Note” categories. Here you will find our thoughts and musings on subjects other than movies, books, and published articles. There are also some older materials here that are not written by us, and there may be future ones as well. This doesn’t mean these resources are second-rate; it usually means they are simply of a different sort than the kind we are commenting on in our regular “Resources” emails. Those of course relate books, articles and movies that we believe are worth discussing. Here we will provide ideas, as well as links to things like talks, websites, films other than feature length ones and the like. Some of them will be directly related to the Consortium, e.g. Dr. Trotter’s annual lecture “The Movies and America: What the Academy Award Nominees for Best Picture Tell Us About Ourselves”, but many will be various kinds of thought pieces that may also occur on our Facebook page. Their content will be wide-ranging, just as the work of Christian Study Centers is. If this sounds like a broad agenda, it is meant to be. Perhaps most of the postings will deal with the university and higher education in general, but many will not.

There is a reason for that. Those who are connected to the university are also connected to the broader society, and what is taught and done at the university has implications for life in the broader society. We are at all times the same human beings with the same influences, whether for the moment we are in the restaurant, the office, the public park, or the classroom. We feel it is important, therefore, not to limit our investigations simply to those materials that increase our knowledge of knowledge and its creation and dissemination, but to include materials that might be about anything relevant to life as it is being lived in our world today.

We welcome suggestions of how this page should be used, not only in terms of specific content, but overall purpose. This is even more of a work in progress than the rest of our website; we would love feedback in order to meet the needs of our Study Centers and Partner Organizations more productively. There are no ostensible limits to what we might post except these: 1) this will be purely a resources page; there will be only the briefest of annotation in order to define the item clearly; 2) we will strive, as we always do, to post only items which are of the highest quality formally speaking; 3) we will strive to post only those items which we deem to help us become better individuals and better members of society.