The What and Why of “Practices of Note”

We hope you like our “Practices of Note” page. This page is similar to, but also very different from, our other “Of Note” pages. Like the other pages, our description of the practice is not intended to be a full one, but simply a brief introduction to a program, a modus operandi, or a value or idea at a Member Study Center, which we think might be of interest to others. These practices are not necessarily unique, but are in our opinion, ones that are innovative, substantial, and repeatable in a variety of contexts.

One of the ways in which this page is different from the others is that there is no comment area. We believe an important part of this Note will be the link to that Study Center’s web page, describing the program in more detail, and we hope that following that link will also take you to other pages on the sponsoring Center’s site. One of the most valuable services the Consortium provides for its members is its offering of ways in which Study Center staffs, boards and participants can become familiar with other Centers and their people. Promoting intriguing program options in this way encourages this communication. We hope there will be a conversation started by our Note, but not really a communal one, as on the other pages. Instead, give the Study Center staff a call and get to know them and the practice in the best way you can—by direct contact!